Physiotherapy Treatments

The physiotherapy profession is now more widely recognized and can treat a range of health problems.

Physiotherapists work with clients of all ages and treat athletic people, injured workers, vehicle accidents, paralyzed individuals and also the more conventional cases of back pain, tendinopathy, articular, muscular, neurological, circulatory and osseous problems among others.

The physiotherapist is responsible in assessing the client’s condition, to plan and execute the treatment plan for musculoskeletal, neurological and cardio-respiratory problems. He informs the client on how to prevent injuries and to improve the functional physical performance. He promotes fitness, health and well-being.

A physiotherapy treatment requires a complete assessment which includes a questionnaire of past medical history, an assessment of the pain symptoms and joint mobility, of the muscles strength and endurance, of the functional abilities, muscle tone and reflexes, posture, gait pattern, stability, skin integrity to light touch and finally the ability to perform daily activities.

Following the assessment, the physiotherapist prepares a treatment plan based on scientifically proven techniques to treat the problem, injury or discomfort which limit the ability to be active, to work or to perform daily tasks.

Clients should not rely on passive interventions given repetitively and a long term basis. We strongly encourage them to be responsible for their own health and to actively participate in their care. In fact, a more involved client heals more quickly.

 At the Montclair Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, all physiotherapists are members of the Ordre Professionnelle de la Physiothérapie du Québec and have a university degree. A medical referral is not required for physiotherapy treatments however some insurance companies request a medical diagnosis before accepting claims.

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