Hypnosis Treatments

Hypnosis is not based on only one theory. It is a practice, a tool to assist in therapy. It amplifies and accelerates rehabilitation at the same time. Hypnosis is a way of reaching subconscious resources, to bypass any blockage and to allow the emergence of new and more adequate behaviors.

In rehabilitation, we work with hypnosis to resolve anxiety, chronic pain, energy and sleeping problems.


It is an altered level of consciousness, induced by deep relaxation techniques, during which clinical suggestions are made. The state of hypnosis is characterized by intense concentration, deep relaxation and strong suggestibility. Clients describe it as a state of relaxation and mental absorption as well as an expanded state of consciousness.

Hypnosis works on the client’s subconscious: it helps eliminate the negative thoughts, behaviors or sensations and replaces them by them by thoughts and behaviors more adequate to the needs of the client. Hypnosis allows the client to access dormant resources of the brain.

The hypnosis techniques are used only to assist the client to integrate new tools. We do not do regression therapy, nor do we work to resolve the client’s past.


Each session is about one hour. Between sessions, the client is asked to do some personal work. Depending on the problem at hand, it may be listening to an audio tape or practicing some autohypnosis techniques.


Treatments include self-confidence, chronic pain, personal effectiveness, energy, self-esteem, hypo anesthesia, memory, migraines and sleeping problems.



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