Functional capacity assesment (Matheson method)

The functional capacity assessment is a complex assessment that lasts approximately six hours and is completed in a day.

The assessment of the functional capacities is a standardized test whereby questionnaires and various physical testes are performed to examine the level of effort and the physical efficiency of the client. The examination can also be offered over several consecutive days, which allows the therapist to assess the physical condition in more depth and better understand the endurance capacity of the client from a reliability and consistency point of view. The assessment is often offered after a rehabilitation program and is often used as “pre-work” to ensure the client has the physical abilities required to do their work. The test is then used to confirm whether a client is ready to return to work.

This assessment is aimed at clients suffering from pain for several months or years and to determine the actual physical capacity of the client, in spite of the barriers in the rehabilitation.


The standardized tests and the many observations and objectives measures can also help determine the actual effort of the client in spite of their subjective pain complaints.