Specialized Assessments

The ergonomic assessment of a work station is an assessment used to examine the different aspects of the work ergonomics and asses the keys tasks of the client. Equipment recommendations are made as well as modification to the workstation or work methods, if necessary.

The goals of the assessment are:

  • To identify the different risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries,

  • to determine necessary rest time for a given task to reduce the risk of injuries,

  • to reorganize the work space,

  • to assess each task from different aspects

  • Frequency (how often the task is done),

  • the importance (how high a priority this task is for an administrator),

  • the level

  • to maintain, to improve functional autonomy or to improve functional abilities of people dealing with difficulties restricting their productivity,

  • to reintegrate the workstation without the fear of a reoccurring injury,

  • to decrease work related injuries and absenteeism,

  • to make recommendation specific to the employee’s and employer’s needs.