Professional training to businesses

Montclair Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center offers to businesses personalized training sessions adapted to the type of work of the employees in order to perfect and strengthen a workplace safety and prevention program and to prevent the risk of work injuries. These sessions are aimed at eliminating and controlling dangers associated with the work environment while assisting employers in improving the health and safety of their employees.

According to the CSST and WSIB standards, it is compulsory for employers to identify, control and eliminate all dangers for their employees and provide them with proper training in order to make their workplace safe.

By assuring the safety of their workers within their work functions, the employers avoid many setbacks; for example, losing an employee to a prolonged recovery, training new employees, dividing the workload among the other workers, having to pay more dues to the CSST, etc. Indeed, prevention allows experienced workers to remain at work, increasing efficiency and saving on injury related expenses.

The training offered by the Montclair Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center is well adapted to the employees’ tasks and deals with the following subjects:

  • Anatomy and biomechanics

  • Risks of musculoskeletal injuries

  • Body mechanics and postural hygiene

  • Energy conservation

  • Work techniques specific to the work with the tools and materials available at the workplace.

We also offer training sessions on stress management in the workplace and on the adapting of workstations. The sessions are offered in French and English and come with a work protocol for each employee.


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